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Maze Cat Games: Labyrinth Math

While the game is simple to understand there is actually a lot going on. Each round is packed with different tools you can use to avoid the cats including mouse holes, couches to hide under, secret areas, balloons to lighten your load, balls of yarn to distract cats, and a safe to store your cheese to name just a few.

Just like in real life some of the cats are blind, while others throw ninja stars. The introduction of new enemies and gadgets as the game progresses keeps each round fresh. Most cats chase you, these cats just throw ninja stars.

Spy mouse app store

Each round also features three different trophies you can earn. These trophies vary from level to level but involve scenarios like not using a certain item, or only using a set amount of paths, or not being seen by any cats. The trophies are not necessary to move on to the next round, but give players looking for more challenge an extra goal to aim for.

So for me the trophies are a reason to revisit the game after completing it. At the end of every world is a boss level. Each boss is a cat in a different machine, which sort of reminds me of Dr. Robotnik in the classic Sonic games.

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These levels are a bit different and involve you trying to outsmart your feline adversary and eventually tricking them into causing their own demise. The boss levels are a nice change of pace from the regular rounds. Classic spy movie line! The game has an in-App purchase called Kiska The Cat. One thing that was really annoying though was the constant appearance of Kiska offering to help you.

iTuesday Review: Spy Mouse for iPhone (get the game for FREE!) - Galaxy of Geek

It was annoying! Later or okay?

I would encourage every fan of strategy games to check this one out. Approximate Time to Completion: 5 hours to beat the game, additional time to collect all the trophies. Your email address will not be published.

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  4. Spy Mouse already a hit in the iTunes App Store?
  5. Last week, Firemint released its latest game, Spy Mouse, and with a mix of line-drawing fun and excellent production values, it has already reached No. Spy Mouse 99 cents - see note at bottom is a line-drawing stealth game that challenges you to draw a path for your mouse through dangerous environments in order to steal cheese.

    SPY Mouse Unavailable for Galaxy Note 4

    You play as Agent Squeak, a crafty little mouse who uses holes in walls and strategically placed furniture to keep himself hidden from patrolling cats. In each level, you try to draw a path with your finger to direct Agent Squeak to blocks of cheese without alerting the cats.

    Navigation menu

    Bonuses are given for getting the cheese in the least amount of time, using the least number of drawn paths, and never alerting the cats to your presence. You'll need to succeed at all three to complete a perfect level. Spy Mouse is a challenging and addictive game that has that "one more level" quality to keep you coming back for more, but the overall atmosphere is what makes this game a must-have.

    What with the '60s-style camera transitions and jazzy spy-TV-show music, we couldn't help but smile as we tried to avoid cats and solve the game's many cheese-stealing puzzles. The game comes with six unique worlds with several levels to complete and a boss fight at the end of each world that will challenge your Spy Mouse technique.

    There are also items to pick up that will increase your speed and other bonuses along with hidden levels to grab extra cheese that add to the fun. When a level is particularly difficult, you have the option to pay 99 cents from within the game and get Kiska, a cat that takes care of the other cats in your way, but we never saw the need. Spy Mouse is an excellent and unique pick-up-and-play game with polished visuals and an immediately recognizable espionage-genre ambiance. With its challenging gameplay, beautiful cartoon graphics, and exciting music, it's easy to recommend this game to everyone.

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