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In this Nokia 5 review, we'll help you decide whether one of the world's most affordable and quality smartphones has everything you need, and which other phones you might like to compare it with. Nokia 5 user experience. In iPhone fashion, the Nokia 5 was made from a single sheet of aluminium, and even has Gorilla Glass for added protection. For your everyday tasks web browsing, messaging and the like , the Snapdragon processor works a treat. The Nokia 5 has a decent-sized 5.

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That's thanks to the polarised display, which makes the display clear, even under bright light. The battery on the Nokia 5 really is great for the price. You'll get around 18 hours of light use or closer to ten if you really can't keep your fingers off your phone.

It's also a fairly speedy charger — giving you a full tank in just over two hours, or between two and three hours from a 15 minute charge. This is even better than many iPhones costing several times as much. Cheap smartphones don't tend to have the best cameras, so we were really impressed with the Nokia 5's 13 Mp rear and 8 Mp front lenses.

The colours are sharp and the images nice and detailed. The rear camera comes with autofocus to get you blur-free shots, plus the dual-tone LED flash will brighten up even the dullest environments.

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The Android Oreo Beta takes even better low-light photos. Thankfully though, you can always bump up your storage with a micro-SD card that'll get you up to GB they're cheap and easy to find online. The Nokia 5 comes with a few pleasant surprises you really wouldn't expect for this price — things like NCF near-field communication , so you can pay contactless via Android Pay, a premium-looking metal design and a fingerprint scanner for a security boost.

What to start Business ideas Service business ideas Retail business ideas Part-time business ideas Home business ideas Start-up guides Low cost business ideas Social business ideas Franchising Buying a business. Complete a short form Receive a free quote from leading suppliers Compare prices and save. Mobile Phones. In this Nokia 5 review we cover: 01 The pros and cons 02 User ratings 03 User experience. Get Business Mobiles Quotes Today!

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The fingerprint sensor is embedded in the capacitive home key which is a bit recessed. The build quality and design of the Nokia 5 is its biggest strength - it looks and feels like a smartphone far above its price range. The Nokia 5 feels extremely solid and sturdy and fit and finish is also top notch. Thanks to new found confidence gained by the tank like build quality of the Nokia 6, Nokia 3 and Nokia 8, I actually tried with all my might I must add to bend the Nokia 5.

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The smartphone did not flinch - at all. HMD Global must be lauded for building extremely solid phones across the price range. The Nokia 5 comes with a 5. The display is covered by Gorilla Glass 3 for protection against nicks and scratches. Let's get the bad stuff out of the way first - the display has pretty average viewing angles.

Which is very surprising considering both Nokia 3 and Nokia 6 have stellar displays. This display is best viewed head on, making Nokia 5 not the best phone for sharing multimedia content with your buddies.

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In fact, the display is actually brighter than the one found on the Nokia 6. The minimum brightness is also low enough to make using the phone quite comfortable at night. The Nokia 5 is not a specification monster. The focus here is on extracting the most out of the hardware at hand and software optimisation. I saw an example of the same philosophy in the Nokia 6 which performed admirably in day to day use despite its underpowered processor.

While there is no denying that smartphones like the Redmi Note 4 have much more horsepower under the hood and are better suited for power users and those who push their phones consistently, the Nokia 5 actually performs quite splendidly in day to day use. While there is no denying that phones like Redmi Note 4 have more horsepower, Nokia 5 actually performs quite splendidly in day to day use. Thanks in part to the bloat free build of stock Android 7. If you do not plan on opening a gazillion tabs in Chrome or opening a plethora of apps in the background, the Nokia 5's performance will suffice.

It even handles games like Asphalt 8 quite well - though it did take a little long to open the game. Once up and running though, there were no problems in game play whatsoever. What does rear its ugly head every now and then is the 2GB of RAM, which leads to the phone having to re-open applications occasionally.

A final analysis of how the smartphone performs under intensive use will have to wait till the full review.

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On a side note - HMD Global has confirmed that the Nokia 5, along with the rest of the Nokia Android smartphone line-up will be getting an update to Android 8. When there is adequate light, you will get above average images. When the sun goes down or light reduces, the camera starts to struggle quite a bit. In well-lit scenarios, colours are natural, there is good amount of detail and dynamic range is decent for the price. However photos lack vibrance are a bit too dark sometimes. In low light, the pictures become quite grainy and noisy and lose detail. I will have to test the low light capabilities in detail - watch out for the full review for that.

While I was not able to test the front camera extensively, in my limited time of use, it produced above average images for the price with adequate detail and natural colours.

mobile tracker to find nokia 5 Mobile tracker to find nokia 5
mobile tracker to find nokia 5 Mobile tracker to find nokia 5
mobile tracker to find nokia 5 Mobile tracker to find nokia 5
mobile tracker to find nokia 5 Mobile tracker to find nokia 5
mobile tracker to find nokia 5 Mobile tracker to find nokia 5

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